Writing the program "The Year of Water 2018"

I have been invited as one of the experts to take part of the group which is in charge of writing the program The Year of Water 2018 to take place in Leiden, the Netherlands. During this year, four “coffee cities” will be organized. These interactive conferences will address issues related to architecture and urban planning which involve the city of Leiden and the region of the Rhine.

The program is an initiative of RAP (Rijnlands Architectuur Platform). Activities will start this week when participants will exchange ideas about the contents of the program. Besides MAP, Hoogheemraad HH Rijnland (water management), Dirk van Peijpe (Urbanisten), Peter van Swieten en/of Ron Hillebrand (RAP Leiden), Leon de Laat en Ted Bakhuis (municipality Leiden) y Tim Nahuijsen (urban planner of The Hague municipality) will participate.