The challenges of Al Najaf, Irak

A group of professionals from the urban development department of the city of Al Najaf, Iraq, visited my office. Al Najaf has approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants, and is the third sacred city in Iraq, important for Shiites and the rest of Islam. The city is located south of Baghdad and is located between the Euphrates River and Lake Najaf.

Strategies for the city, A resilient future


During an ideas workshop we talked about the challenges and strengths of the city, especially the possible urban developments along Lake Najaf, the improvement of Al Iskan Avenue, 60 meters wide,  and the mobility system; the regeneration of the informal settlements, management of the water of the river and the lake, and the revaluation of the sacred area of the city. We also talked about the possibility that my office supports the municipality in these challenges to develop a resilient and comfortable city for residents and visitors.