Green cities Event, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD seminar


I participated in the seminar on Green Cities. It was a good initiative from the EBDR in collaboration with RVO. I participated in the roundtables Water management (Tirana, Albania) and Resilience (Batumi, Georgia).



The challenges of Tirana and Batumi

Tirana faces the challenge of modifying its entire underground water supply structure, which would be a great opportunity to transform public spaces and green areas more resiliently. Batumi could use the excess water in the organization of the city, in addition to planning the area of the coast against erosion and the increase in tourist activity. Certainly, many opportunities for our expertise. After these roundtables, I had an interesting conversation with Mrs. Tresi Trebicka, Head of Sector Department of Strategic Planning at the Municipality of Tirana. By last, I talked with Mrs. Etuna Lomadze, head of International Relations and Mr. Lasha Komakhidze, major of Batumi, Georgia.