Progress Zarate project and the Footprint of the Delta, Argentina

In October, we organized, together with the municipality of Zárate, a series of round tables where we exchanged ideas with stakeholders for this project. We talked about the common ambitions and the information we need for this process of Building with Nature. All the stakeholders were very enthusiastic and participatory.



The stakeholders

We have talked with professionals from the municipality of Zárate, with representatives of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS), the Society of Architects of Zarate (SAZ), the Wetlands Foundation, Delta Alliance Argentina, the staff of the historical museum of Zárate (history and anthropology of the islands), the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Argentina, the Argentine Naval Prefecture,  the Provincial Directorate of Islands, and with producers in the delta area. In the next step, we will begin to elaborate on the information received and formulate the first strategies to Building with Nature.