“Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage, Past, Present and Future”


The book “Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage, Past, Present and Future”, Editorial Springer has just been published. The book includes our academic article “Studying Ancient Water Management in Monte Albán, Mexico, to Solve Water Issues, Improve Urban Living, and Protect Heritage in the Present”, developed by me and the doctor in archeology Araceli Rojas.


Parque Monte Alban


Our article describes our ongoing interdisciplinary project, “Parque Monte Albán”, centered on the water that flows down the hill and offers new strategies to increase the value and quality of water by revitalizing and redesigning ancient hydraulic technology. Mr.Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs for the Netherlands and Sherpa to the UN High-Level Panel on Water, writes an interesting introduction to the book. Today I received my out-of-print copy of the book. The book looks great! Congratulations to the editor and all the contributors.