Workshop Inception Calzada de la República, Oaxaca de Juárez

We began the project “Master Plan for Calzada de la Republica”. This project is part of the cooperation framework between the Netherlands, RVO- Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and the Ministry of Infrastructure of the State of Oaxaca (SINFRA). Our consortium, composed by my office (project leader), Deltares and Move Mobility, was the winner of the tender to carry out the design of the master plan.

Ambitions for Calzada

The first phase entails a series of participatory design workshops with the most relevant actors- citymakers. The outcome is a design draft for the entire Calzada de la República, where we set the main design goals for resilience, sustainable mobility and governance. Michel de Zwart and Ana Leal, from RVO also participated; also Paulina Coronel, from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico.