Design workshop "Zarate and the Delta footprint"

Together with PLAAN platform, the Latin American Architects Association, with establishment in the Netherlands, we carried out a design workshop with focus on the project “Zarate and the Delta footprint", in Argentina. This workshop is part of the participatory process of stakeholders, both in Argentina and in the Netherlands, where the methodology of "Building with Nature" is a fundamental point.

The ideas


The main contributions from the participants were: to define a financial strategy based on public-private cooperation, to start with a small development-pilot which can include different social, tourist activities, and to recover the local economy of the Delta, among others. I specially thank the participation of the architects Juan Alonso, Susana Aparicio, Constanza Loddo, Valeria Leyva, Cynthia Markhoff, Barbar Fleks and Clara Serenelli. Photos taked bij Susana Aparicio.