World Water Day #22March 2021

To commemorate World Water Day #22March we would like to share our involvement in this amazing initiative.


The Unesco Chair on Sustainability selected our project Monte Alban Vivo to participate in the Best Practices Event on Ancestral Hydrotechnologies. Along with more than 15 projects from Mexico, Panamá, Colombia, Perú, and Bolivia, we exchanged our experiences in trying to recover indigenous technology regarding water management. We were very surprised, but also very happy to know, there are valuable projects, some already proving to be successful in sowing and collecting water. We hope this new network can bring opportunities to turn these initiatives into new realities. We are convinced we need to look more on how indigenous peoples around the world have related to water which for sure could help revert the damage we have made to water sources. Our contribution starts on 1:39:00. Thanks to Araceli Rojas (Ara Rá) for her engagement to this project

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