Women, Water and Urban Life

online workshop 'Women, Water and Urban Life'

We are interesting in making visible the relationship between women, water and urban life. Many times this relationship, however essential, has been neglected, or kept hidden.



India, MexicoWomen, Water and Urban Life

About this project

Last year 2020 we carried out the project 'Women, Water and Urban Life'. For that end, we organized a Webinar and afterward an Online Design Workshop. Both events were a huge success. In this Booklet we present a summary of both the webinar and the results of the online design workshop for the cities of Kannagi Nagar (India) and Iztapalapa (Mexico). We will continue with this subject in other places of the world. If you´d like to collaborate or have any ideas, don´t hesitate to contact us. 



own initiative
India, Mexico
Araceli Rojas Martinez Gracida, Valeria Leyva, Ishita Vedamuthu